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Mail Search

You never have to hunt through your emails again

Attachment Finder

Find attachments really easily with no searching

Contact Network

Retain your competitive edge & identify co-workers of customers

SharePoint Links

Never get lost in your SharePoint directory again

100% Certified Secure

Azure Security Certification (AZ-500)

You’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for.

NALYC will help you do the rest.

Take the frustration out of searching through endless emails trying to find that elusive document or important conversation.

Our smart add-in with global proprietary search capability is fully integrated within the Outlook interface. NALYC will revolutionise your email behaviour.

Yours forever with a one time purchase:
£30/€30/US$30 per user

Here’s how NALYC can benefit your business

Use Microsoft Outlook at your organisation?
NALYC is for you.
Looking for new customers?

Categorize, examine and prioritize your sales leads so that your sales team can hone in on the opportunities

Looking to build a leads list?

Find the leads that matter most so that your marketing team can convert them into buyers using targeted strategies

Looking for new M&A deals?

Sort and prioritize all opportunities, even the historical ones and convert them into successful mergers and acquisitions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some common questions that will hopefully answer any queries you may have

NALYC stands for Never Again Lose Your Contacts. It is a Microsoft Outlook productivity add-in which sits within the Outlook interface. It eliminates the tedious process of pouring through email after email to find the desired leads, deals, attachments, notes and even SharePoint links! Imagine one place to manage all things Outlook.

Honestly, we are adamant that NALYC will change your email behaviour. You won’t remember how you behaved before NALYC.

Microsoft Office365 Outlook. We fully support Microsoft Outlook 365 using Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 13 Ventura and macOS 12 Monterey platforms. We have not back-tested NALYC using other Outlook versions or earlier operating systems

Yes, please refer to our SAFER page which details every action we take in order to put your privacy first.

We offer a 14-day unlimited free-to-use ad-free trial. At any time, you can choose to upgrade to the Unlimited NALYC price. Go to My Account if you wish to upgrade your membership during or after the free trial period.

NALYC is available in the Microsoft Outlook Add-ins store on the Outlook ribbon. Simply, search NALYC in the Add-Ins store.

We currently support Office 365 accounts. You can link as many email accounts as you wish so that you search all emails from a single reference point.

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