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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook

We fully support Microsoft Outlook 365 using Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 13 Ventura and macOS 12 Monterey platforms. We have not back-tested NALYC using other Outlook versions or earlier operating systems.

If NALYC does not open automatically, you will need to click on the three horizontal dots (MORE ACTIONS) on the right-hand side of an email. Then click on the NALYC logo to open the app. It is always best to pin the NALYC add-in.

NALYC works in both the Outlook desktop and Outlook on the Web apps. We have tested NALYC successfully with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, AVG Browser and Apple Safari.

Currently, you can download attachments from Outlook on a Web from MacOS computers. Attachments are currently available for NALYC download from the Microsoft 365 Outlook desktop installation using a Windows computer only.

Sign-up is restricted to free personal Outlook and all Office 365 email accounts only. Gmail account sign-up is in the pipeline.

A shared email account or mailbox can be used by a group of people, like customer or technical support. We permit sign-up with shared email accounts such as info@ or admin@ that have a password. The ability to link these accounts in read only mode is coming very soon.

It typically takes up to 20 seconds for an Outlook email to sync fully with NALYC. Click on a new email or refresh NALYC by clicking either CTRL R or Fn+F5 inside NALYC.

Phase 1 Fetching all mail folders

Phase 2 fetches all messages

Phase 3 fetches all attachments

Phase 4 fetches all contacts

Phase 5 parses all e-signatures

Phase 6 maps search functionality

All these phases take place sequentially. To ensure smooth NALYC access for new users, we perform 2 indexing steps. The initial index sync’s the last 3 months of messages. This is followed with indexing of all remaining messages.

Yes, you can turn off the computer as all NALYC indexing takes place in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We index 1 year of emails.

To search all content within all selected email accounts from a single NALYC main search bar, you will need to link those selected email accounts.

  1. Each individual Outlook account must be signed in to NALYC separately. To do so, click the Outlook inbox of the desired linked account and add NALYC as an add-in from the Get Add-ins button in the Outlook ribbon.
  2. Once you have signed-up to NALYC, go to Accounts (icon next to home button) from the email that you would like to be the primary account, enter your new mail address and select ‘Press to Link’.

All new linked emails become secondary accounts. It makes sense for the primary email account to be your dominant email account.

Yes. The blue arrow in the results display tile shows that the highlighted email is found in a linked email account.

Yes, we recommend that you unlink email accounts before deleting the NALYC add-in. Removing the NALYC add-in in the My Add-ins does not unlink the mail account.


Create a mobile contact via QR code

View contact Google search page

View contact LinkedIn page

Add a note to the contact

View address book

Disable contact & hide contact in address book

Copy contact email address

Create new email in Outlook

Create new appointment in Outlook calendar

Schedule new meeting, Teams call in Outlook calendar


Open only emails with attachments

View unread mail only

View received mail only (green borders)

View sent mail only (orange borders)

View emails with selected domain extensions

Clear all filters


Manually extract e-signature

Open in Outlook

Go back to previous page

Return to home screen

To return to the contact view, press the name in the display results

To preview an email, press the email subject line

NALYC searches all folders and sub-folders except the JUNK and DELETED folders.

It isn’t possible to adjust the font size but you can zoom in by using the shortcut keys: CTRL+ or CTRL-

Examples of commonly used shortcut keys:

Esc: Closes a preview window or a pop-up email in Outlook

CTRL+R or Fn+F5: Refreshes the current NALYC window

CTRL+F: Search in the current NALYC window

CTRL+A: Selects ALL in the current NALYC window

CTRL+C: Copies selected text

CTRL+P: Prints the current NALYC window

Put quotation marks around words “(any words)” to search for the exact phrase in an exact order.

A wildcard character * is a special character that represents one or more characters. It is commonly used to broaden a search by finding words that contain the same root.

We use an advanced search algorithm so Boolean operators are not required. However, the standard Boolean operators – AND, OR, NOT – can still be used.

Deviations can exist, particularly when emails are received from either a shared mailbox or a distribution list. This is most likely to occur when the contact cc’s their own email address.

We are constantly improving our AI algorithms to ensure better result displays.

Use the favourites button to save a single contact, a single email or a single attachment in a single place.

We will parse the e-signature from the last 10 contact emails.

Yes, you can preview an email with an e-signature and manually overwrite all fields that have been parsed automatically by NALYC.

Simply click on the icon in the top right-hand corner of the preview page

Yes, our search has been mapped to all languages. Multi language versions of NALYC will be coming soon.